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Telephone Assessments

TELE-CONSULTATIONS (Telephone Medical Assessments)

--are a valuable, modern tool for Line Managers and ‘Human Resources’. These consultations cover a wide range of physical and psychological issues, over 30-45 minutes. Your company will receive a report with clear, detailed advice and recommendations (as with a face to face consultation). Companies see the benefits, especially when employing remote and overseas workers:

NO TRAVELING or time off work.

FASTER APPOINTMENTS: Same or next-day Appointments.


EMPLOYEES tend to be LESS STRESSED: in their own home.

FASTER MANAGEMENT REPORTS:  Managers often receive little notice that the employee is returning and may be unsure if they can fulfill their full duties, safely on return, especially after a long period of absence or injury. We can assess your employee’s fitness to Return to work (safely) and advise on any rehabilitation plans and restricted duties.

There will be times when an employee will need a face-to-face medical with our Occupational Health Physician and this can be decided from your referral.

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