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Sickness-Absence Management

At NEODS we appreciate the importance of your employees being well and at work, and that your business suffers when employees are off sick. It is therefore vital to get the best medical advice available to help your employees to return  to work quickly and safely.

When an employee is unexpectedly off, or soon to return to work, or when sickness-absence seems excessive:

  • Nature (diagnosis) and severity of illness or injury?
  • What the employee should be asking their  GP, or doing for themselves to get better, and prevent more absences
  • Helping engage other NHS/GP services, where appropriate
  • Acquisition of GP and Specialist reports
  • When, if ever, will the employee be Fit to Return to normal duties
  • Where appropriate, encouragement back-to-work and safe activity
  • Is this person’s condition (disability) likely to be covered by the Equality Act 2010?
  • Especially if the Act applies, what adjustments to the hours, duties or working environment, adaptations, if any, are recommended to enable this employee to continue in the role (Note: it is up to the employer to decide whether or not it can accommodate these ‘reasonably’) ?
  • Are there any other supportive measures the company could consider which may help  e.g. physiotherapy and counselling?
  • Likelihood of future absences?
  • Any occupational cause, or aggravation?
  • Analysis of company absence patterns and trends

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