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Offshore/OGUK (Oil & Gas); RUK (Wind-Turbine) Fitness Medicals

Worker's medical-fitness to travel and work offshore requires health surveillance of possible risks to themselves or others, which might arise from any underlying medical conditions.

Offshore workers must be able to :-
- safely undertake their assigned duties, which can be physically demanding
- escape from platforms or helicopters in emergency
- take part in offshore survival training
- pose no significant health or safety risks to others
- require no medical treatment that cannot be provided offshore
- need no medical treatment with significant side-effects which could adversely effect offshore work
- be free from risk of sudden illness that cannot be treated offshore

This is not a statutory examination such as the Seafarers' ENG1, but is performed under the guidelines of the Oil and Gas UK organisation. It is essential to bring photo ID such as Passport or Driving License and any glasses, tablets, GP-summary (available from receptionist), hospital-reports etc.

Blood for liver function tests which are altered in alcohol abuse along with bench testing for drugs of abuse are increasingly required, and can easily be performed along with the more robust “chain of custody” if legal evidence is required by the employer. Increasingly the misuse of drugs at work is of concern to the shipping and offshore industry who possibly lead the way in this area. 

Excessive weight (fat rather than muscle) remains a problem among both seafarers and offshore workers and is the most frequent reason for a limited certificate. A BMI of greater than 30 is regarded as excessive while a repeated BMI of greater than 35 will often result in a failure to work offshore.  

The charge for a standard Offshore medical is £110 which includes a hearing assessment. The Reusable UK (Wind-turbine) medical now includes a Fitness Step Test (Chester) for only £30 extra. Certificates will last for two years (if there are no intervening problems with the health of the employee).

An ECG with a computer generated report costs £50, if requested by your company. The cost of specific blood tests depend upon what is required and the cost of urine tests for drugs is dependant upon whether the specimen is tested in the surgery or sent to a laboratory under a “chain of custody”.

NEODS can arrange appropriate health surveillance either at our office or by arrangement on-site.

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