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We offer professional DRIVER MEDICALS for LGV (HGV), Bus, Taxi, Racing/Rallying, Fork-Truck, Crane Drivers and People applying for provisional licence, or at short-notice --for £60 --usually much less than GPs charge.

The medical focuses on:

  • Visual standards
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease, BP and Circulation
  • Fits and Blackouts
  • Sleep disorders
  • Significant mental ill-health
  • Complications or side-effects of treatments

The examination will last 20-30 minutes.

Remember to bring:

  • your Photo-ID e.g. Drivers Licence or Passport;
  • your glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them for driving, but come preferably without them in for the 'Uncorrected' test;
  • Any tablet packs, Specialist or hospital reports  with tests and treatment details, if you have a complex medical history. You can request a printout Summary of your medical record from most Health Centres;
  • D4 form --can be downloaded from here .
 Forms for Taxi drivers should be obtained from the Local Authority, and checked to make sure that any registered doctor can perform this medical, not just your GP?  

If it is important for you to get your licence back quickly from DVLA, you should consider the Premium Checking Service available from main post offices. For a small charge they will check that all the paperwork has been completed correctly and send it off to DVLA.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the type of assessment booked is appropriate to the needs of the candidate.

HGV and PCV drivers 
-- must have medicals throughout their careers:
  1. First application of your provisional Category C1 (7.5t), C (rigid) or D1 (minibus), D (bus) licence
  2. When you turn 45 you will need to have another medical followed by one every 5 years after that
  3. When you turn 65 you will need to have a medical every year

How to arrange your medical

Simply call 01661 823778 or  07802 456 542 and we will arrange a time and location to suit you. The Doctor will carry out the medical examination (in accordance with the Medical Standards of Fitness to Drive) and complete a D4 form required by DVLA.

Ideally, we recommend that Drivers should be screened before employment and at 3 yearly intervals from the age 45.  and after any absence greater than one month, or shorter than that if the illness affects their ability to drive, and after their license has been revoked due to a medical condition.

Taxi Driver Assessments and other fitness to drive examinations.

All Fork Lift Truck medicals are carried out in accordance with the HS (G) 6 medical standards. These standards determine that all FLT Operators and potential Operators should be screened before employment and at 5 yearly intervals from age 45. Assessments need to be annual for those over 65, and after any absence greater than one month, or shorter than that if the illness affects their ability to drive.


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