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SERVICES: When we can help

Medical Examinations (on/off-site), Phone Interviews, or Questionnaires with employees;

(Skilled and accurate diagnoses; useful, fair and robust reports --within the limits of medical ethics)

 General Referral Form

* When you need a medical fast;

* When you have new-starters:

     Placement health Assessments: Questionnaire, Phone interview, or face-to-face

     reduces future problems of work absence and performance and ensures suitability for the physical & mental demands (and risks to health) of the job, and compliance with Equality law (by providing suitable work adjustments/restrictions for those with substantial disabilities);

* When fitness, safety or performance becomes suspect;

a)     * When special fitness standards are mandatory:

  • Professional Driving: DVLA Med Exam D4: Group 2 (HGV/LGV, Bus/Coach/PSV/PCV)
  •                 "                  HSE: Lift-Truck, Heavy plant, Crane
  • Offshore/Oil&GasUK/ Wind-turbine;
  • Asbestos & Lead at Work Regulations (HSE approval soon)

b)  * When special fitness standards are advisable:

  • Physically, manually, visually demanding work: heavy lifting, bending, climbing/height/confined spaces, inspection/precision, colour-discrimination tasks
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening (near donor and C.of Custody)
  • Fitness to travel & work abroad;

c)   * When sickness-absence seems excessive:  (advice and support for a quick & safe return to work)

  • Nature and severity of illness or injury
  • Any occupational cause
  • Advice to employee on what they should be getting from the NHS
  • Acquisition of GP and Specialist reports, where appropriate
  • Likely duration of absence
  • Likelihood of future sick spells
  • Recommend reasonable adjustments to the work patterns, tasks or work-environment
  • Gentle encouragement back-to-work (if appropriate) by promoting phased, adjusted, safe activity and support
  • Analysis of absence patterns and trends

d)  * When occupational or work-related ailments need investigating, controlling and preventing:

  • Muscular-skeletal complaints
  • Exposure effects of chemicals, dusts, heat/cold, vibration, bio-hazards etc
  • Dermatitis, asthma, toxic effects
  • Stress (possible referral to specialist agencies)
  • Mental health problems
  • Accidents and injuries

i)   Early accurate diagnosis and identification of health hazards such as Assembly-line wrist pains

ii)  Advice on preventative measures and early return-to-work

e)   *  When Health Surveillance of those at risk from workplace hazards is required –to comply with COSHH & other H&S Regs:

i)   Symptom inquiry, biological monitoring e.g. Vision Testing, Lung Testing, Hearing Testing, Skin checks, Blood Testing

ii)  HAVS level 3 & 4 (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome Assessments) sensible interpretation –avoids unnecessary anxiety and claims


g)  * When certain groups are deemed high risk: Food handling, Quarry workers, Night-shift Work (Questionnaire or Medical)
       laboratory, cleaning staff

h)  * When termination of employment on incapacity or ill-health is considered


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