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Ethical safeguards


Referring your employees to us for assessment, practical report and support is easy. Simply request our referral form and complete the details – it will lead you through what is needed. There are standard question options you can tick, if relevant, and space for additional queries.

The information provided by the employer in the referral form is stored as part of the employee’s medical record and the employee can access their records under the Data Protection Act.

If a manager wishes to discuss the case prior to the appointment with the doctor, please indicate this on the referral form and the doctor will promptly contact the manager.

Our standard report will contain all you need to know at that point in time about the employee’s condition in relation to work but if you have any queries, simply reply on receipt of the report with further queries.

The GMC issued guidance in September 2009 which dictates that doctors must make the explicit offer to an employee of a copy of their report and if they wish, they have the option to receive the report prior to the company (though in practice few take up that option).

The majority of employees elect to receive it at the same time as it is sent to the employer.

Once the report is received, the manager can ask for clarification of any part of the report, and we can usually do so, taking care not breach the employee’s confidentiality. In doubtful cases we would have to ask additional permission from the employee to send the new medical information but will advise you every step of the way.

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